2016: The year Titans clashed..

For people who claim to be superheroes, they do tend to stop and fight each other a little too often, don’t they? It was always bound to happen, when you have two people with conflicting views, they tend to argue, and fight. The only difference is that most people don’t have laser eyes or a billion dollar iron suit to go toe to toe with..

It’s not just the heroes though, ever since there was more than one guy in a costume on the comic cover, fanboys have argued who would win in a fight.

This year is the year we find out. Fans of comic book movies get not one, but two epic clashes. Captain America 3 see’s a civil war break out between old friends over what each of them deem to be right. Whereas on the DC side of things, Batman vs Superman will do what it says on the tin. Everyone’s favourite Dark Knight just doesn’t trust the devil from above, the man of steel..

Personally I’m looking forward to both of these movies. Civil war has to beat the incredible Winter Soldier (2014) and restore faith in fans after the less than stellar Age of Ultron (2015).

Dawn of Justice has an equally high bar set for it, as it has been preceded by the phenomenal Nolan trilogy of Batman films. Since this is only superman’s second outing in the new DC movie verse, all he has to do is be better than the destruction porn seen in Man of Steel (2013)

I for one am placing my bets now. Batman will miraculously pull out some Kryptonite before the pair (and Wonder Woman!) all take turns smacking Doomsday around Metropolis.

On the marvel side of things, everyone’s favourite golden boy Steve Rogers will let Tony see the error of his ways, before a convenient bullet leaves the Captain America mantle open for a certain Bucky Barnes..
Agree with my predictions? Disagree? Let me know down in the comments. If you enjoyed the article please share it with like minded friends and family!


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