Fallout 4, A journey.

Quick heads up before we start, this article will contain major spoilers for the main plot of Fallout 4.

You have been warned.

And there I stood. Having hit the button and watched possibly the wasteland’s best option for a better life crumble in a crater, doubts growing that I may not have chosen correctly and wondering if what I did was right.  Has the devastation I have caused been just? And maybe most importantly, what do I do now?

I should probably explain what I’m doing here, allow the masses to decide if I am a monster or a saint. I am the last surviving member of Vault-Tec vault 111. I was frozen in time, a cryogenic ice cube for 200 years. I’d lost my wife, found new love and friends, yet still feel that I don’t belong. You see I was alive before the war, not the small faction wars you see now, but before the bombs, before the radiation. Skipping over most of the fine details I emerged from the vault to discover my home town in ruins, my wife dead and my son stolen. I saved a band of survivors who called themselves the Minutemen, helped them set up in my old hometown and adventured out into the wilderness. About a month later I assisted a group of robots who had set up a self-sustaining garden when my Pip-Boy picked up a military signal, an SOS call from a group of soldiers who were under siege from ghouls and had holed up in a police station. I moved quickly over, taking out a group of raiders on the outskirts of the town, and found a man standing in silver power armour, ferals circling, sensing his weakness. They didn’t sense the 10mm rounds however, until they entered their skulls. I took three out before I jumped down back to back with the giant metal man. And we fought.

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