Fast Enough? The Speedster villain issue (The Flash)

Contains Spoilers for Season 1 and the midseason finale of Season 2.

The villain of Season 1, Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne, in the disguise of Harrison Wells) was a formidable villain. He was intelligent, cunning and villainous. It took the combined efforts of The Flash, Green Arrow and Firestorm to take him down. That didn’t even stop him long, and it took the death of his ancestor, Eddie Thawne, to truly kill him. This was all in season 1, and it wrapped up well. His plot to steal the Flash’s speed was stopped. End of season.

Cue Season 2, the portals to Earth 2 have opened, and new villain, Zoom has come into play, and in the beginning, Zoom seemed like another great villain. While the Reverse Flash was sarcastic and witty, Zoom is monstrous. He seemed like the perfect evolution in terms of speedy Antagonists. There’s only one issue. Zoom is looking to follow the exact villain plan of season 1.

Zoom’s only goal is to take The Flash’s speed. That’s it. We have been given no other reason for his villainy. It’s boring. Well its not boring, but we’ve seen it before. The Reverse Flash needed the speed to return to the future, what does Zoom need it for? To be an asshole. If the two seasons were reversed, then maybe the similar (Edit: Exact same) intentions would be OK. But the two seasons are how they are, and I need something more to make me believe Zoom is a good villain

Another issue, he retains Reverse Flash’s Speedforce enhanced strength. Earlier on in Season 2, we saw Zoom hand the Flash’s ass to him. Are we gonna repeat the 3 v 1 situation we had in Season 1? The show seems to be building towards finding a ‘cure’ for Zoom’s speed, so maybe that will be the solution.

I’m hoping with the reveal of Zoom’s identity that we learn more about his intentions and what motivates him. Hell i’ll accept the taking speed from The Flash (hah) if it is explained well. Roll on the rest of the season.


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