It’s not the women… (Ghostbusters 2016)

Well, that was something.

The trailer for the new Ghostbuster’s movie launched, and it’s fair to say people weren’t happy with it. Why you may ask? Is it the woman? Is it because there’s a black person? Is it because Chris Hemsworth is not wielding a giant Hammer?!

No, It just wasn’t funny.

Maybe that’s not a fair statement, I laughed at one joke in the trailer. The rest just fell really flat. The issue however is not that the movie isn’t funny (I haven’t seen the originals, but i hear that they are funny. Besides the point), it’s that the movie is putting the ghosts second, in favor of humor.

This is a comedy, that’s using the Ghostbusters licence as a backdrop to the jokes. Take the Ghosts out of the trailer and you’d have a generic female lead comedy, filled with Male oggling and Sterotypes. Hell, even with the ghosts, that’s all this trailer portrays, and that is not good.

Perhaps worse than the trailer itself, is the accusation that the dislike of the trailer comes from the fact there is a female cast. Maybe that’s true some of the more misogynistic fans among the bunch, but for the rest, It’s a very serious unfair accusation. Even the director, Paul Fieg, has gone on the call the haters ‘Misogynistic’ and ‘Losers’

I’m sure these woman starring in the movie are hilarious, and I hope the movie goes well from them. I’ll be honest though, the moment I heard a slow Piano version of the Ghostbusters theme, it was all down hill from there.


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