Rogue One: Too dark for Disney?

There shall be no violence in the Mouse House…

Since acquiring the Star Wars licence, Disney have been outspoken about their plans – 6 movies, 3 sequels and 3 spin offs. So far they have only released one movie – Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Force awakens wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was  A New Hope, with more diversity.

You can only imagine my surprise and excitement when the trailer for Rogue One dropped. It showed a heist movie set in the Star Wars movie.  What a perfect combination. Better yet, there wasn’t a single lightsaber in sight (Save for the awesome Darth Vader tease). It’s fair to say, I was hyped.

That is, until the recent rumors.

Reports have been going around that the movie is doing reshoots.That’s fair enough you might think, all movies go through reshoots. However Rogue One is having a massive 40 PERCENT of it reshot. That’s nearly half of a 2 hour and a bit movie. That is enough to warrant worry, especially since the movie is due in 6 months.

The more optimistic of you out there may say that the reshoots were needed, and that they’ll add to the movie. However this doesn’t seem the case. The reports say the reshoots were needed to make the movie ‘Feel lighter’ so they can force the newly cast Alden Ehrenreich’s Young Han Solo.


It seems like every time Disney do a good thing, they make an equally dumb mistake.

I understand why Disney has done this – Star Wars has always been a family friendly franchise (The movies that is, the Extended Universe less so), and Disney want’s to keep it that way. However there was/is nothing stopping them marketing Rogue One as a more mature Star Wars movie. Disney may have even attracted more people that way.

What I don’t agree with however, if the rumors prove to be true, is that the movie is being made ‘Lighter’ just to include a cameo from Young Han Solo. I have faith that Disney wouldn’t make such a financial error – Reshooting 40 percent of a movie for a cameo is ludicrous. Secondly, it would go against the established canon – Han Solo didn’t join the rebels until the end of A New Hope. While this second point might seem inconsequential , Disney have made a big deal out of establishing a new canon, so I sincerely doubt they’d make a rookie mistake like that.

I’m still excited for the movie, If a little more cautious about being too hyped. I’m sure it’ll be a great movie, But we’ll have to wait until December to find out.



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