E3 2016 – The Leaks

E3 is upon us once again, and with E3, comes leaks. Companies just seem incapable of keeping the big reveals quiet. That being said, this year has seen less leaks than other years (At least that’s what I personally believe). That’s not to say that there is no leaks, there’s still a few, which I’m gonna be going through in this list. The first is all but confirmed, and the latter are still in the wind for now. Injustice 2 was gonna be on this list, that is, if the trailer wasn’t revealed as I was writing this.

Honourable mention goes to Watch Dogs 2, and whatever that weird reveal/non reveal was (Announcing it existed via someones leak but still teasing it?)

Anyways, onto the the list!

Dead Rising 4

> Developer: Capcom (Vancouver?)  > Platforms: Xbox One, PC?

We actually have quite a few details on Dead Rising 4. It seems that the game will act as some sort of reboot for the series, starring Frank West and returning to a mall setting. This time we’re in Colorado around Christmas. The game will also apparently boast 4 player coop, a first for the series. All sound like welcome changes to the series

However, I’ll be a little upset if the game is an Xbox exclusive. I mean, all signs point to it – The game is set to be revealed during the Microsoft conference, and every game in the series (Except Dead Rising 2’s Off the Record Spinoff) have been Xbox exclusive. Maybe we may get lucky, and the game is announced at Microsoft’s conference, has exclusive DLC, but will launch of all three platforms. One can hope.

State of Decay 2

> Developer: Zombie Studios  > Platforms: Xbox One

A sequel to Microsoft’s State of Decay has been mentioned in the same breath as the Dead Rising 4 rumours, so if the former is true, then the latter will most likely be as well. State of Decay was well received, and the new game seeks to add an online component – something that was heavily requested around the time of the original game


The following four games are just rumours right now, and coincidentally all four games are those developed/Published by Bethesda. For these, I will put a likelihood meter, whether its a silly rumour or has the potential to be real. I am aware that they all come from the same rumour so they all have equal chance of appearing, but I honestly t

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered

> Developer: Bethesda Softworks   > Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC?

> Possibility of being real: 7/10

It seems that Bethesda doesn’t want to let players forget that the Elder scrolls games exist, but they also don’t have TES 6 ready. Middle ground seems like a remaster of the last game. Reports say this is a standard remaster affair – Updated graphics with all the DLC. However something that might incentivize console players is the inclusion of mods. First introduced in Fallout 4, the inclusion of mods could give the game enough run time to lead into The Elder Scrolls 6 (Should the rumours be true, that is). The game has appeared on an online games retailer (The name of which escapes me), adding further fuel to the fire.

Wolfenstein: (The New Order) 2

> Developer: Machine Games  > Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

> Possibility of being real: 9/10

Following the incredible critical reception of the first game, a sequel to 2014’s The New Order seemed like a no brainer. The real question now becomes whether they title the game The New Order 2, or name it something different. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Evil Within 2

> Developer: Tango Gameworks  > Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

 > Possibility of being real: 6/10

Tango Gameworks was a studio created by Shinji Mikami – The man behind Resident Evil. He wanted to create something in the vein of classic Resident Evil, and not what it had become. What came of it was The Evil Within (And it’s three DLC’s). I thought that was it, but apparently there was enough sales to warrant the sequel. I’m not saying the game doesn’t deserve a sequel, I’m just surprised it got one. That is, If it’s even real.

Prey 2

> Developer: Unknown (Bethesda)  > Platforms: Unknown

> Possibility of being real: 4/10

Prey 2 was cancelled. The fact that this game has been rumoured to return should be taken with a grain of salt. However it’s not out of the realm of posibility. This is the game I really can’t talk about, so we’ll have to wait until E3


I also want to predict a The Evil Within GOTY, and  Prey 1 Remaster (If Prey 2 doesn’t become some sort of reboot). That’s my summary of the leaks, let’s see how which become real and which don’t in less than a weeks time at Bethesda’s E3 conference.


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