E3 2016 – Sony Predictions

This will be the first article in a short series of E3 predictions. Each article will follow a similar format – I guess  5 things that are highly likely to happen, 3 that are less likely to happen, and 2 that would be completely crazy to announce.

As of writing this article, The PS Neo has been announced but will not appear at E3. I will probably have an article on it later.

without further ado, here are my predictions:

5 Highly likely predictions

  • VR talked about, Vita ignored, PS Now heavily pushed

This is a bit of a cheat entry as i’m covering three things, however they are all non software related, so I thought to clump them all together. First – Even if Sony are not talking about PS Neo, they can still talk about PSVR, and more specifically, announce a Killer App for the device. Customer’s need a game that will sell them, and a couple of Indies just wont do it for people. As for the Vita, it’s probably dead. Let’s be honest, Sony is offering no more first party support for the device, neither are third party developers. This year is probably the year the Vita truly dies. Thirdly, Sony will not miss the chance to push their PS Now service, perhaps announcing a slew of new additions. Or maybe not.

  • God of War sequel/Reboot announced

The last time we saw Everyone’s favourite angry god (Excluding the remake of the third game) was with God of War: Ascension back in 2013. Since then both Kratos and Sony Santa Monica have been quiet. The IP they teased at the end of Ascension seems to be long cancelled, so unless they have another IP lined up, God of War will be their only title. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, far from it. Rumours have suggested that God of War will scrap the Greek mythology (As Kratos has pretty much killed every significant figure) and instead go for Norse Mythology (Which would work well with the Idea of a reboot).  I for one would love for Norse mythology to be explored, so I’ll buy into the rumours.

  • InFamous sequel announced

InFamous is a series close to my heart, Infamous 2 being one of my favourite games ever. Second Son and First Light seemed to drop the ball a little, yet I am still looking forward to the potential sequel. I can almost Guarantee a another Infamous title, maybe even a direct sequel. I can fully get on board the return of the series original protagonist Cole Macgrath . although I doubt that it will happen. The return of Second Son’s Protagonists Delsin and Fetch, or maybe even a new protagonist. Whoever it is, I’m willing to put money on an announcement.

  • The Last of us Sequel 2 sequel teased

Uncharted 4 has shipped, and besides from any MP DLC, Naughty Dog’s calendar has cleared up nicely. What is ND’s other massive franchise? The Last of Us. The game first game released June 2013 and the DLC released some months later February 2014. It’s nearly been 2 years since then, which is plenty time to create even a small teaser. Current rumours point towards a sequel with Pregnant Ellie, and something ive recently just found out – A prequel starring a Pregnant Anna (Ellie’s mam). I honestly don’t know which one I would like more. The only dampener being the rumoured 2018 release date. That being said, if the game is gonna be as good as the first game, it’ll be well worth the wait.

  • Knack 2/Dead Don’t Ride/Resident Evil Reboot

This is the second point that I’m cheating with, but oh well. All three games have a chance of appearing. Knack 2 is a game that’s been rumoured, much to the dismay of some who didn’t like the first game. Personally, I have faith in Mark Cerny to fix any mistakes people had with the first game. On the other end of the scale, is the game rumoured to be Sony Bend’s new IP, Dead Don’t Ride. From the rumours, there’s motorbikes and zombies. I’m intrigued, let’s hear some more about it. Thirdly, there’s the possibility that Capcom will come and announce the next resident Evil, whether it be Resident Evil 7, or a reboot. Either way it needs to return to the series’ horror roots, especially for the 20th anniversary. Hopefully others have more faith in Capcom than I do.

  • BONUS: Some sort of DLC exclusivity is announced


3 Possible announcements

  • Sly Cooper movie footage, maybe alongside a game sequel/Reboot

The Sly Cooper movie was announced Jan 2014 with a 2017 release date. Since then the movie has been quiet. Same goes on the game front – Thieves in Time (Sly 4, the most recent Sly game) released back in Feb 2013, where all news has been about the game struggling to find a studio. It would be great if Sony could satiate both audiences with some more footage and a firm release date for the film, alongside footage and a release date for a Sly Cooper game. It could be a reboot like the Ratchet and Clank movie got, or even better, a sequel to Thieves in time, which left on a massive cliffhanger (In fact, if the movie wasn’t coming out alongside it, they could resolve the cliffhanger and have the sequel. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time spoilers ahead: Have sly return from Ancient Egypt, but instead of returning to Modern day, Sly returns to when he was young. Boom, Reboot)

  • From Software announces their next Sony exclusive title

Reports have stated that FromSoftware (The guys behind Demon Souls, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series) are working on a PS exclusive JRPG. Since it’s FromSoftware, I doubt it’s a Final Fantasy esque title. Popular theories among fans include a remaster of early PS3 classic Demon Souls, or a sequel to PS4 system seller Bloodborne. My money is on a brand new IP, which will be a day one purchase for people like me.

  • Shadow of the Colossus/ICO remasters announced

What would be better than getting a release date for The Last Guardian? Getting a release date and for Sony to announce remasters of Shadow of the Colossus and ICO! Getting all three games on the same platform would allow new players to experience the games that warranted TLG it’s hype, and it will allow older fans to relive the memories they cherish. It’s win win for fans and Sony alike.


Two Crazy crowd pleasing chances

  • Crash Bandicoot reboot announced

The stars have been aligned so long, it’s starting to worry NASA. Crash Bandicoot no longer appears on Activision’d website. A Crash Bandicoot silhouette appeared in the initial PS4 games trailer. Countless T-shirts and sly (no pun intended) references. Sony are playing the long game on this one but I thibnk theyre ready to crack. It’d be a perfect way to end the show. Whoever’s last one goes to walk off, cue the theme song. Trailer. Release date with this year. Lights turn on. Thunderous applause.

  • Jak and Daxter reboot announced

Jak is like Crash’ angsty older brother, and sadly he has far less chance of appearing this E3. Jak and Daxter has always been a fan favourite, but Naughty Dog has already stated Jak is in the past. Sorry guys.


Right guys, those are my E3 predictions for Sony’s show. You agree with me? Disagree? Leave your answers in the comments below!


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