Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC -Predictions!

A couple of days ago, the official trailer and some screenshots were revealed for Dark Souls 3’ second and final DLC, The Ringed City. Despite the trailer being much shorter than the Ashes of Ariandel trailer (Small mercies), there are still some things that can be predicted. Although it will not be published today, this article is written on the 26th of January, and the embargo for players opinions are unleashed on February 8th. Without further ado, the predictions. Spoilers for the trailer and possibly the final DLC follow:



From Software’s DLC bosses are always the best the game has to offer. Despite the fact that the ball was dropped in the Ashes DLC – Only two bosses and one was shit – there is hope for The Ringed City. When asked on Reddit about the number of bosses, FromSoft’s community manager Kimmundi was coy, but with a wink and a nod said ‘We have listened to player feedback’. That’s either two good bosses or at least three bosses, I’m thinking three bosses, with maybe a fourth if they’re being generous. With this being the final DLC, they go crazy with 5! Wouldn’t that be nice?


Batwing Demon

The Batwing Demon is all but confirmed, really. Appearing in the trailer, it seems to be a recycling of the scrapped Giant Bat boss. The question then becomes, what type of boss will it be? An entry boss like the Sanctuary Guardian, or an optional boss like Kalameet. Only time will tell


Lloyd, Judicator of the Gods

Prior to the trailer, I always believed that Lloyd would be like Velka – A name that’s there but never seen. I laughed at Vaati for suggesting Father Ariandel would be Allfather Lloyd. I’m no longer laughing. The giant in the trailer has been referred to as the Judicator of the Gods, who has been around since the Grey Age. This lines up both with Lloyds role, and his status as ‘Gwyn’s Uncle’ (Again I’ve always believed this to be a throwaway line). It’s possible that this won’t be Lloyd, it’s also possible that this may not be a boss at all. Some have speculated that he is an NPC, and the person to warp us to the distant tower in the trailer. Maybe Lloyd being in the DLC might be a little too close to being fan service, but then again it fits the DLC theme


The Londor Angel

Most likely not the name of a possible boss. In fact, we only got a single second glimpse of what looked like a Phase 2 Orphan of Kos mixed with a Pilgrim Butterfly. This may actually be what Angels look like, and it may just be an enemy, or a mini boss of some sort. Yet with the angelic boss OST in the games files, I’m holding out for this – It could be a really cool boss


Gertrude, Heavenly Daughter

The identity of the large, blind woman has a lot of people asking questions, but with the DLC’s strong hints towards Lothric’s ties to The Ringed City, this figure could very well be Gertrude (As long as you don’t subscribe to the Gertrude is Rosaria theory). Getrude may be a boss, she may not be or something that’s quite possible, Gertrude is a phase for a different boss


Creature from the Egg (Serpent?)/Serpent Woman

In the trailer, the woman who may be Gertrude is holding a massive egg. An egg which has already hatched. We touch the egg in the trailer – It’s got to be something. While it’s possible Angels come from eggs (Not even joking). However I’m thinking it could be some sort of serpent. Or completely disregarding the egg – some sort of Serpent woman. The tease at the end of Ashes was there for a reason.


Crossbreed Ocelotte

This is a late addition to the list, being added after I had finished the article, but something on Reddit caught my eye… POTENTIALLY MAJOR SPOILERS – Someone had linked an early version of a DLC boss OST, and in the description it claimed it was a dragon END OF POTENTIAL SPOILERS. It made me think of possible dragon bosses. Ariandel’s Abyss Dragon? Most likely not. Ocelotte? Ocelotte is a curious case because many people believe he is in the arena with Oceiros, and Oceiros kills him during phase 2. The removed squelching sound file would suggest that was the original intention. However I don’t believe it was removed for being too graphic, I believe it’s because they’ve re purposed Ocelotte for a potential DLC appearance. Maybe he came from the egg that his sister Gertrude is holding? If he doesn’t appear, then I suppose he truly did die during the Oceiros boss fight, and it’s one of the few definitive deaths in the series.


Gael, Father of Humanity

Gael seems to be the one constant between the two DLC’s. At the end of Ashes, Aria muses whether or not Gael has found the ‘Dark Soul of Man’, and apparently DLC 2 has us chasing down Gael. I’d be willing to put money on Gael finding the soul and turning into a Manus type abomination that we must put down. I feel like it would be a fitting end.


If I had to choose 4 bosses – Batwing Demon, Lloyd, Judicator of the Gods, Londor Angel and the Serpent Woman.



NPC’s are crucial to the storytelling of the Souls Games, and we’ve been introduced to an ‘Amnesiac Undead’ by the name of Rap. While there may not be many NPC’s in this new DLC, Im sure that they will all be massively important (And one Rot Bed Corvian for atmosphere)


Slave Knight Gael

Gael’s involvement in the DLC has been confirmed by FromSoft, so really we have to predict the purpose of Gael. I don’t think he will be our companion in the DLC, that seems to be the purpose of new NPC, Rap. It’s likely that Gael will play an antagonistic role in the DLC, maybe even being the boss. I highly doubt we’ll have to fight him like we did Sir Villhelm in Ashes, as he doesn’t seem to be that sort of NPC


Aria/The Painter

With the inclusion of Gael, it’s logical to assume that Aria will also be in the DLC. She is after all the only other NPC we know that is aware of Gael. How she will appear is trickier to guess, as she will still be locked in the Painting of Ariandel if players have not payed the original DLC. It looks like Aria will be important, as her and Gael are on the cover of the GOTY edition of Dark Souls 3 (Previous cover stars have been Artorias, Vendrick/Human Aldia and Lady Maria). Maybe Aria will only appear if you have played the first DLC? We’ll have to wait and see


Lilliane, Youngest Sister of the Sable Church

Yuria was present in the main game, and the eldest sister Elfriede was in the first DLC. It’s not crazy to believe that Lilliane may appear in the second DLC, especially with all the Londor symbolism present in the DLC (The Sword of Avowal on the top of towers). However it could come across as quite lazy if Lilliane was a main antagonist in the DLC. If she was to appear, she would have to be a NPC, or an NPC fight. I am certain that the blind woman with the egg is not Liliane. It is also possible that the figure next to Yuria in the Lord of Hollows ending is Liliane. I’d be totally ok with that


Crossbreed Priscilla

It seems like the unspoken rule that if a boss present in Dark Souls was optional, then the Chosen Undead did not kill them. This allows Gwyndolin to be alive long enough to be consumed Aldrich. We can assume this applies to all optional bosses, which means there’s a chance Priscilla is alive. There is also a chance she has passed. Livid Pyromancer Dunnel lost his hideous spouse – Priscilla was considered an abomination – He invades us in Priscilla’s tower in the DLC. Does this mean Priscilla is dead? Maybe so, but if she is alive, it would be cool to see some reference to her in The Ringed City. It’s the end of the world and Dragons may be coming back. Maybe she’ll even have some link to Aria, but then again, maybe not.


Velka, Goddess of Sin

I add this in so I can give my personal thoughts on this – Velka will not appear, as she has very little relevance to the plot. As much as fans like to think she is the one that controls everything, I just feel as if it goes against everything we learn about our nameless protagonists. That being said, there’s a couple of things that tie her to Londor, and if there was ever a time when she would appear, it’d be now. During the very last content for Dark Souls. If Velka is the woman holding the egg in the trailer then I will never comment on Dark Souls Lore ever again.


Gwynevere, Queen of Lothric

Or perhaps, Juniper, Queen of Lothric. Either way, Gwynevere has been on the run for too long, and now at the end of the world, there’s nowhere to hide. Maybe Gwynevere will be like Velka, forever an elusive figure. However of the two figures, I believe Gwynevere is most likely to appear. Honestly even a dead body or an item that mentions her death will be fine. Quite honestly she’s a plot thread that shouldn’t be left dangling. Although, if Gertrude is an NPC or Boss, then we may get some closure there (As she is suggested to be Gwynevere’s daughter).


Marvellous Chester

This is probably the biggest wildcard on this list, motivated entirely by the possibility that Gwynevere goes by the name of Juniper. Back in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, Chester told us he had been dragged back from the future, and it’s possible that he was dragged back from the time period of Dark Souls 3. I’m aware that Chester was meant as a tease for Bloodborne, but his outfit does appear similar to the likes of the Assassin and Black Hand sets. I’m not expecting Chester to appear but it would be a pleasant surprise.


DLC Entry Point

The entry point for the first DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, came in the form of additional NPC Slave Knight Gael being added to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire in the Cathedral of the Deep. Despite the early access point, a message in the DLC recommends that the player tackle Lothric Castle before heading progressing. The Ringed City is said to be a sequel to Ashes, so there’s a few places it could be accessed from. I will state Place, Item/NPC and Level


Profaned Capital, Batwing Demon transportation, Post Lothric Castle

The Profaned Capital is an example of rushed development – It is a small area with very little in it and an underwhelming boss (Sorry, Yhorm!). In the games files are the ‘Soul of a Great Bat’, which has likely been turned into the Batwing Demon boss in the DLC. Since the lesser Batwing Demons transport us from the High Wall to the Undead Settlement, it’d be a cool twist to have an actual batwing demon transport us to the DLC. It could act as a sort of Sanctuary Guardian type. This is quite unlikely though, maybe the Batwing demon could be a separate boss located in the Profaned Capital. Again quite unlikely


Kiln of the First Flame, Slave Knight Gael, End Game

At the exit to the Flameless Shrine, you have a warp point to the kiln on your left, and a suspiciously large area on the right in which someone like Gael could appear, to activate a cutscene and let us enter the DLC. The sun present in the trailer is the one seen in the Kiln of the first flame, rather than the Dark sign sun seen in the latter portion of the game


According to the Dark Souls 3 fextralife wiki, it is recommended that the player gets through Lothric Castle before tackling the DLC. However since the DLC entry point and recommended level have not been officially announced, it is likely that it’s just based on the Ashes of Ariandel in game message. That being said, post Lothric Castle is a likely starting point for the DLC


Miscellaneous Predictions


  • We have not seen the final boss of the DLC in the trailer
  • A minimum of three bosses, possibly four, at very most 5


  • There will be an additional Dark spell (Sorcery/Miracle/Pyromancy) as well as the three spells we’ve seen (Sorcery Lightsaber, Miracle Bow and Desert Sorceress fan)
  • Rap will be a character we are already aware of, or play a major part in the DLC. Maybe even being attached to a huge faction
  • We could get the Blue Lothric Knight set, and maybe some sort of Pilgrim set.
  • Around 8 Bonfires (Including boss bonfires)


Fanboy Speculation

  • The final boss of the DLC will give us ‘The Dark Soul’, and will offer the player a fourth (Technically fifth) ending. This ending would be an alternative to the Soul of Cinder. If the DLC is accessed in the Kiln of the First Flame, then this alternate ending may require multiple extra bosses before the final one. This would be worth it for a secret ending

There’s my thoughts on the DLC, after the DLC has launched and I have played through it, I will return to this article and compare the truth to my predictions


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